Star Wars: Rogue One Death Star

The Rebel Alliance spent a long time trying to steal the plans for the Death Star, however we did not have to steal the plans - Disney handed them over to us!

Disney provided us with the blueprints for the 3D model and we set off building a historic piece. The project took us 3 weeks from the time we received the model to when it was installed at Event Cinemas at George St, Sydney. It was part of a last-minute promotional campaign set up by Disney for the stand alone prequel.

“We used a number of 3D Printers including a Projet 3500 HD Max to print the ultra-high detailed trench, an Objet Connex for the large laser and large sections in the poles and multiple Fortus‘ and EOS SLS machines for printing the structural components,” Stuart Grover, Owner and Founding Partner of 3D Printing Studios

The spherical structure of the Death Star itself was cut from clear acrylic material, while the trenches were 3D printed from VisiJet M3 Black thermoplastic. Objet VeroWhite was used to print the dish as well as the features at the poles and above and below the trench. Supporting parts and features were printed in ABS. The challenging parts of the project where managing and manipulating the very large 3D file and ensuring the Death Star was structurally sound given it weighs over 150KG.