3D Consumables & Software Singapore

We do have limited stocks at our studio because they are running fast! Please do call us at +65 6635 2265 or email us at singapore@3dprintingstudios.com to find out the availability of the stocks!

Kapton Tape (Available) - S$65.00 per roll

Wide: 10cm/3.93in

Length: 1m/32.8ft

Tape thickness: 0.1mm/0.004in

Working Tempreture: -269°C (-452°F) to 260°C (500°F)

Adhesive Force: 6.0 N/25mm, Elongation: 50%, Film Materials: Polyimide film

Glue Material: Silica Gel, Net Weight: 0.35kg ±0.05kg

Scotch Blue Tape #2090 by 3M

S$20.00 per roll

Wide: 36mm  Length: 54.8m or 1.41IN x 60 YD

Tape thickness: 0.13mm/0.005in

Working Temperature: 130°C  Short-Term Temperature: 180°C

Build Plate Tape for 3D Printers makes it even easier to neatly remove 3D prints from your build plate.

  • Significantly Decreases Warping on Prints
  • Easy to Stick On and Peel off the Print Bed Area
  • No Adhesive Residue after Removal
  • Long-lasting and Durable



Flashforge Polycarbonate Sheet (Available)

230 x 154 mm

S$20.00 per sheet

In-house Polycarbonate Sheet (Available)

(Suitable for Mankati or Ultimaker Printer) 

253 x 253 mm

S$40.00 per sheet

3D Scanning HELLING Anti-Glare Spray (Available)

S$100.00 per can

3D Scanning HELLING Cleaner (Available)

S$100.00 per can


XTC-3D Smooth On(Medium Size) - (Available)

Protective coating for smoothing and finishing 3D printed parts.

24 Oz or 644g

S$80.00 per box

3Doodler 3D Pen Single Filament Packs


1 x Pack consists of 25 strands of your chosen colour pack. The individual strand is 25cm in length and can produces approximately 280cm of doodling fun! The 25-piece Filament Packs from 3Doodler have a wide assortment of PLA, ABS plastic filament for use with your 3Doodler pen. Each straight-cut strand is 25cm long and 3mm in diameter.


Diameter 3 mm

Length: 25.4 cm

Single Pack: Consists of 25 strands of filament

S$ 15.00 for ABS or PLA per pack

S$ 18.00 for Glow in the Dark per pack


Simplify3D®, professional 3D printing software

Improve your print quality with Simplify3D®, the powerful 3D printing software that gives you total control for amazing 3D prints.

Training class available on how to use and maximise the benefits with Simplify3D - Call us for call details

Available Now for S$ 210.00 Nett Only

Special Dry Cabinet for 3D Filament only

From SGD$ 800.00

3D Printing Finishing Tool

The world's most advance sculpting and retouching tool for 3D prints. Ritocco is the most advanced heated interchangeable tool for cleaning up 3D printed objects.

From SGD$ 300.00


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