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Refurbished 3D Printers

We are letting go our 3D printers at a special price. Each unit have been regularly services and are well maintained. Check out the details by clicking on the pictures.

Mankati FullScale XT PLUS - SGD 2,000.00 Nett

Robox 3D Printer by CEL - SGD 1,900.00 Nett


UP Plus 2 by TierTime - SGD 900.00 Nett

Also available are the following 3D printers and 3D materials that are brand new in the box. Contact us for special offer pricing:

Cube X by 3D Systems

Cube X Duo by 3D Systems

Cube X Trio by 3D Systems

The price stated above is with Cash & Carry term.  We do provide delivery and setup at a small fee.  To place an order or further inquiry lease email us at Singapore@3dprintingstudios.com