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Singapore News & Events Page

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Join us for our Monthly Meetup of awesome sharing all about 3D Printing and a great opportunity to network and exchange ideas and learn.

Upcoming event:

26 & 27 January 2016 - Inside 3D Printing Singapore at Suntec Conference and Exhibition Centre. 

                                  We will be participating at this year's event and do drop by to our booth at #D03. For more information on the show  

                                  visit http://inside3dprinting.com/singapore/2016/


Past events:


22 January 2016: A Few Questions For: 3D Printing Studios, Exclusive Interview by 3D Print.com

18 January 2016: Bring Your Ideas to Life with 3D Printing Studios Asia - 1 Printing, Infinite Uses, by EPOCH Times

You have printed documents in black and white or colour, but can you imagine printing a steak, a liveable house, rocket engine parts, prosthetic limbs, functional replica pistols, designer sunglasses, a two-seater car, a rowboat, clothing, or even a functional human organ? The rapidly evolving technology of additive manufacturing or three-dimensional (3D) printing has turned storybook fantasies into reality.

3 July 2015: What's going on at 3D Printing Studios, Perth!

6 October 2014: Stuart Grover Can you print me a bike

10 March 2014: Materialism is dying: Stuart Grover at TEDxManly