3D Designing

Whether you have a napkin sketch, plan drawing, or physical part for tweaking, our design team can assist you in turning your ideas into a digital model, ready for 3D Printing.

Designing from Drawings:

We encourage clients to come in and meet with our designers to get on the same page, share a vision and co-create something together. Our CAD engineers can build your prototype on 3D CAD from  rawings, PDF’s and other forms of 2 dimensional data. Once this model is in a 3D space it can be further manipulated by more importantly put directly onto one of our 3D printers.

One of our industrial designers using “Solidworks” to create a 3D design

Designs from Objects / Reverse Engineering:

The other common type of design work we do is reverse engineering. This is where a client brings in an existing object of sculpture and we replicate it for them. Using our top grade in house scanners – we can make a perfect digital replica and then put this directly on one of our printers. This also gives an opportunity to put the 3D scan file into CAD first, and make alterations or changes to the design before printing it. This is useful in cases where parts have become broken or damaged; for example if a car ornament had become damaged, or a piece broke off – we could take the existing ornament, scan it, repair it in CAD, and then print it out in its original intended state.