Entrepeneur / Start Up

Entrepeneur / Start Ups

Designers and Inventors find a huge advantage in 3D Printing with the ease of small run prototyping.

Where hand-making sketch models and prototypes can take days per design iteration, 3D Printing speeds the up the design stages and produces a tactile model to work from.

Physical models can be required for :

  • Aesthetic progression
  • Ergonomics
  • Testing relationship between parts (Assemblies)
  • Part testing, etc

Designers and Inventors with 3D models can send their files for printing with 3D Printing Studios.

Those that do not have a ready file can come into one of our studios to talk to one of our in-house designers.
Our team can turn your ideas or napkin sketches into a digital 3D model, and then help you through the prototyping stages of your idea through 3D printed prototypes.

The completion of the design stages can see the final printed prototype using one of our many 3D Printing methods.

Each of our studios charge design/modelling fees at an houly rate that can be quoted in studio.

With 3D Printing, everyone can be an inventor!