How can we help you with our 3D Printing Services

Combining different materials is not always possible with traditional methods due to the high costs involved and the different chemical properties that make combining difficult, if not impossible. 3D printing has put an end to all this, due to the constant innovation involved in bringing out its full capabilities. While traditional methods involve a lot of wastage in materials, we assure you that 3D printing not only minimizes wastage, but also makes use of less energy. Thus, we will help you in saving your manufacturing costs. With so many benefits, it is no wonder that customers from different and various industry turn to 3D Printing Studios for professional printing services.

It is now possible to print your designs with the most efficient 3D printing technology available. Just email us your 3D design in STL file format and we shall provide you with a quotation for your print job. You can look forward to receiving your prototypes or functional end use parts, perfectly executed in a quick and efficient manner, thanks to our 3D printing services from our studios.

For more information on what material options are available, please visit our 3D Printing Capabilities page or Email us for more information.

Steps to our 3D Printing Services:

  1. Send us your ready 3D design using any 3D CAD software in STL file format
  2. Let us know your requirements for your prototypes or functional end use parts. The more information and details will help us turn around the time taken to complete your order.
  3. We shall then use our own propriety professional 3D Printing systems to inspect, investigate, check and access whether your design is suitable for 3D printing. The propriety professional 3D Printing systems can convert any STL file output (including support materials) into 3D model print paths.
  4. Once your 3D design is verified and confirmed, we will optimise the best printing orientation and fix the amount of materials used, as well as the duration required to create your design before sending you a quotation.
  5. Once you agree to the quotation sent by us and made full payment, your prototypes or functional end use parts will start to be printed in our industrial grade 3D printers. We offer numerous different 3D Printing technologies from FDM, SLA, DLP, SLS, MJF, Polyjet, CJP, DMLS and other Post Processing Finishing to make it possible to build any 3D prototype or functional end use parts and its support material – layer by layer, from top to bottom.
  6. Support materials are separated after the fabrication process is executed. Once completed, your prototypes or functional end use parts will be ready for collection or ship out for delivery to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convert 3D design into STL file format?

Answer: Sources like YouTube provide in depth guides for exporting your CAD files to STL format. Listed below are some major 3D modeling software examples:

Autodesk Inventor or Fusion 360: Save copy as > select STL format from drop-down.

Standard Google SketchUp: Click here.

Solidworks: Select File > Save as, then export as STL format.

Pro/Engineer: Select File > Save a copy > Type > Select STL format.

AutoCad: (Only works for 3D model) Select File > Export > Select STL format under options.

Rhino: File > Export selected as STL format > Select Binary > Under mesh options more details, Set max angle = 20, max aspect ratio = 6, minimum edge length = 0.0001 > Done

Can you create a 3D print based on a 2D image?

Answer: No, we need your 3D design in STL file format and more information like size, color, weight and etc.

If I gave you dimensions for my design, will you be able to provide a quotation on the basis of that?

Answer: No, we will not be able to provide you with a quotation based on dimensions, as we have to consider factors such as:

  • Complexity of your design
  • Amount of materials used
  • Labour hours required to clean your prototype