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Koala, Highly Successful Australian Company using 3D Printing

Koala, an Australian start-up applying technology, design, and a ‘no worries’ attitude to produce Bedding and Furniture is utilising home-grown manufacturing to produce parts for its range of products.

3D Printing Studios is producing thousands of specialised parts for Koala including these clips.

By utilising a local manufacturer like 3D Printing Studios which operates high-tech 3D Printers, Koala can guarantee supply at a price that is cost-competitive and with the fastest turnaround time available.

Koala can order these parts when needed and therefore reduce their stock and can evolve the design as their products and needs change resulted in lower costs and less waste.

The 3D Printing process requires skilled practitioners to get the best results, the process is largely automated so producing this kind of items using machines located in Australia for Australian companies, makes sense. 

For more information on manufacturing products locally please email: