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Steve Cohn, a Specialist Endodontists uses 3D Printing to produce a dental X-Ray holder

Over the last 6 years, 3D Printing Studio has worked with Steve Cohn, a Specialist Endodontists on the production of a Digital Positioning Device (Dental X-Ray holder).

Steve Cohn, engaged 3D Printing Studios to redesign and modify an existing Digital Positioning Device to accommodate Digital X-Rays.

We are now 3D Printing these devices using our EOS P396 machines.

The advantage of using 3D Printing to produce dental X-Ray holders is they can now be made in one piece with no joining of components, they open and close once printed.

The PA2200 material used in the production can also be sterilised in conventional Autoclaves.

Examples of the redesigned Digital Positioning Devices

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