3D Printing studios has a strong belief in the obligation to pass on knowledge – especially in educational contexts.


We have aided many high school students in their final HSC year by offering advice and printing for their major projects. Carrying on to a tertiary level of education we have also played a role in projects coming in from a range of different faculties, backgrounds and year groups. We believe even the simple exposure to our different technologies can spark new ideas and provide new avenues of creation and manufacture. Having received positive feedback and gratitude in each case, we are inspired to continuing working alongside students in order to get their projects and prototypes reaching a new professional level.


We are proud to supply schools, universities and tafe’s with leading FDM printers, to kickstart students knowledges about new technologies and manufacturing methods. Upon the purchase of these printers, technicians are sent out to the school, to brief teachers and key staff members on good 3D printing practises and excite them about new possibilities.

Internship Program

We offer an internship and work experience program which is populated primarily by students. The internship program is an opportunity to come in and see not only the nuts and bolts of a global 3D printing company, but also to see the capabilities of 3D printers to their fullest extent. Interns work alongside our designers to learn about different printing methods, materials, 3D scanning, model making, file fixing and CAD programs – as well as see some of the projects that we produce for people and businesses. All of our student interns say that their internship has played a large role in the development of their skills and also provided new ones to take back with them as well.

Training Programs:- Schools, Teachers & Corporations

Passing on knowledge however is not only limited to students. We provide training services both public and private for any individual or group that is curious about the world of 3D printing. We hold public training sessions for individuals twice a month in our studio, where one of our top industrial designers and printing technicians cover what we can do here, how 3D printing works and how its revolutionised industries already. We also provide the option for those attending to work with an online CAD modelling software and 3D print a real tangible object of something they design there. For groups of people that would prefer something more personalised, we offer private training that can be tailored for your specific purposes. We have the equipment, staff and knowledge here to offer information in any area that one would like to know more about. More information about the training programs we offer can be found in the training section:

If you would prefer to discuss your options first, feel free to call, email, or drop by your local studio to chat to a 3D Printing staff member.

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