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Better Homes and Gardens discovers 3D Printing

James, from Better Homes and Gardens, came to 3D printing studios to find out all about the 3D Printing process and, we helped him out with a home maintenance job duplicating a hard-to-find carpentry piece.

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Be Self-Reliant in the Production of Key Medical Necessities with 3D Printing

EOS Asia Pacific made a case study with 3D Printing Studios on the mass production of Medical Nasal
Swabs, tested and approved by the South Australian Pathology.

Read the full article here Case study


Business Case

Manufacturing Replacement Parts

We were recently sent a CAD file from a customer who repairs and reconditions old motorcycles.

One of his motorbikes required a specific bracket. Instead of machining this bracket he modelled it in Fusion 360 see image below and then sent it to us to produce in high strength nylon material.

The modelled part using Fusion 360.

Using our EOS SLS machine, we were able to produce a high quality, high strength part ready for painting.

Once painted it was an exact fit.

The finished Nylon 12 part.

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Schools Brochure

i3D Print – Makes it easy

We have played a role in projects from a variety of different faculties, backgrounds, and age groups.

We believe even the simple exposure to our different technologies can spark new ideas and provide new avenues of creation and manufacture.

Meet our 3D Printing in the Classroom SOLUTION!

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Manufacturing Brochure

3D Printing Studios now has Large Scale Commercial 3D Printers capable of producing thousands of parts per day.

We use EOS P396 SLS & Stratasys Fortus 900 machines.

Australian Manufacturing Companies are now looking at Local Suppliers for the production of their parts. This is due in part to the major disruption of their supply chain due to the CoronaVirus Pandemic. 

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