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Koala, Highly Successful Australian Company using 3D Printing

Koala, an Australian start-up applying technology, design, and a ‘no worries’ attitude to produce Bedding and Furniture is utilising home-grown manufacturing to produce parts for its range of products.

3D Printing Studios is producing thousands of specialised parts for Koala including these clips.

By utilising a local manufacturer like 3D Printing Studios which operates high-tech 3D Printers, Koala can guarantee supply at a price that is cost-competitive and with the fastest turnaround time available.

Koala can order these parts when needed and therefore reduce their stock and can evolve the design as their products and needs change resulted in lower costs and less waste.

The 3D Printing process requires skilled practitioners to get the best results, the process is largely automated so producing this kind of items using machines located in Australia for Australian companies, makes sense. 

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Business Case Latest News

Locally 3D mass-manufactured COVID swabs end Australian reliance on overseas supply

Australian Company 3D Printing Studios has been working with State, Government, and Health Departments to produce Medical Nasal & Throat Swabs used in Covid-19 Test Kits.  

South Australian Pathology has tested the latest 3D printed swabs and has given the green light on its use. This will make 3D Printing Studios the only Australian Supplier of these essential products in the fight against Covid-19.

The process of developing a swab that not only collects the mucus but also allows for the mucus to be transferred for testing has taken several weeks to develop.

“We tried several different 3d printed designs obtained from Harvard Medical School and finally came up with a simple design that is flocked with a safe nylon material,” said Howard Wood.

“The design coupled with the EOS P396 machinery will allow us to produce thousands of these medical swabs per day”. 

Some of the many designs that were tested

Howard Wood & Stuart Grover owners of 3D Printing Studios are delighted to be the first Australian Company to manufacture medical nasal swabs, this will reduce our need to import these vital products and once again start bringing manufacturing back to Australia.

The final Medical Nasal & Throat Swabs ready to be used in the Covid-19 Test Kits

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Business Case Latest News

Locata, an Australian Company that has major International Contracts is bring Manufacturing back to Australia

NUNZIO GAMBALE, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO has been responsible for utilising Australian Companies in their supply chain. By using Australian Companies such as 3D Printing Studios this allows Locata to receive products quicker (especially with current import delays) and cheaper than offshore suppliers. NUNZIO GAMBALE is also very enthusiastic about keeping manufacturing in Australia.

3D Printing Studios is currently working with Locata to supply their ground-based transmitters.

Locata has invented a new, completely autonomous positioning technology that creates terrestrial networks that function as a “local ground-based replica of GPS-style positioning.  

Locata is not designed to replace GPS; it is a local extension and expansion of GPS. It works with GPS but can also operate independently when GPS is not robust or completely unavailable. Instead of orbiting satellites, Locata utilizes a network of small, ground-based transmitters (LocataNet) that blanket a chosen area with strong radio-positioning signals.

As it is terrestrially based and provides powerful signals, Locata can work in any internal or external environment. There is nothing “global” about positioning in a warehouse, an open-cut mine, or in a city. It is inherently a “local” requirement. However, before Locata, the only way to provide that positioning service was via a GPS satellite system.

3D Printed Transmitters being Sand Blastered / 3D Printed Transmitter ready for shipping

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